How to hack NASA with Android?

Hello Guys, Welcome to another question and answer session, where we try to answer the most weird, crazy, and awful questions of people on the internet. Yes, that’s what we do as we are the internet savior, but more often when we are running out of content ideas, I don’t know why I am talking like a shitty YouTuber. Never mind, This is Dolores Haze and Today’s question is “ How to hack NASA with Android ?”.

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In this article, we will try to answer the question with all our seriousness and will enlighten the internet with the answer to this question so let’s get started.

So, How to hack NASA with Android? The question is simple yet it’s not complete, first of all, why you want to hack only with android? Whatever, Let’s assume you have an android phone, I am not sarcastically making fun of the person over here, because that’s not what we do over here. So, let’s continue, It may be possible to hack it with a mobile phone. As if we try to think about the past, NASA has been hacked several times before. As no technology is full-proof, that means you can get into NASA too.

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As in 1999, Jonathan James or “cOmrade” as we popularly know him by this name. Hacked into NASA and get away with some pretty confidential information, and he was just 15 at that time. And if talking about the computer power at that time, it wasn’t great at that time as compared to today. As the original iMac at that time from 1998 only had a 333 Mhz PowerPC 750 (G3) processor, 512K backside level 2 cache, and 32 MB of RAM. Like seriously that was the specs, 32 MB of RAM, Today 8 GB has become the recommended minimum. So, the conclusion is Yes, things are possible with less powerful devices.

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To get into the NASA’s system, you do have to have certain or great hacking skills. If you are skilled, that doesn’t mean the success of the program but like we have discussed before in “HOW TO HACK CBSE ONLINE MARKS”. Things get pretty messed up, as the size of the system increases. So, it’s hard to do it, even with a supercomputer. Hacking is not a magic or something, you have to find a loophole to get in. Either it is in a machine or a human, that’s up to you. Plus it is illegal and Hardware power does matter. You can’t do everything using a phone too. But that doesn’t create limitations in learning.

So, get some Linux emulator or something on Android like Termux or Specific hacking mobile distro like Kali NetHunter and get started by learning something first. There are a number of hacking articles on Invent Your Shit, you can look up to them as well. That’s all, for today, This is Dolores Haze, signing off, I will meet you in the next one, Bye.

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