How to hack the marks of CBSE online classes?

Hello guys, This is Professor void and we are today in the question and answer section where we try to answer the internet’s unsolved, weird, crazy and silly question to help the people out there.

So today’s question is – How to hack the marks of CBSE online classes?

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Well, that must be the question from an aspirational teenager who is probably an Indian because the service which is asked here to hack is CBSE, which is Center Board of Secondary Education, which is the biggest education board in India and this guy wants to get into their networks to change his online marks.

First of all, here you are talking about hacking into government websites as the board is run by the government of India. Next, the website is maintained by NIC which is the government’s IT department in laymen terms. So, It is inviting the Devil (Authorities) to your home.

Now Let’s get into the stuff, which you are here for, Is it possible to hack into one of the such websites and not get caught. And the answer is – Maybe, YES. See, I didn’t use direct YES or NO because everything is hackable in this world. And we have also seen many times before where government websites are most vulnerable to most common attacks like SQLi, XSS, CSRF, etc.

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So, If considering Hypothetically, first you have to do a proper footprinting of their network as there a lot of tons of data, there might also be sub-domains and stuff. Next, you have to gather the OS information if there are running an apache or an IIS server. Then you have to try to get into either into their network or into their Web Applications. The difference between the two is that, Cracking the network is a bit difficult and a hassle to pivot and all from outside. When you crack the web application you may or may not change the contents of the website (i.e Marks), but it depends on the level of privilege you will have, after bypassing the first authentication, that is done by uploading a shell, and then have to elevate further. You can check out, how you can hack into Web Servers, Here.

Another thing, you can do is to use a widely used and famous concept known as “Social Engineering” in which we make somebody to do, something which they normally wouldn’t do. For EX – you have done a lot of research and footprinting on CBSE. You should also know, some of the key employees over there, so what you will do, is that you will impersonate someone and send a fake email with certain attachments, the attachments would be a malware in reality. As soon as, they are set on our trap, we will get access to a particular computer and hence the network also. Now, you have to pivot inside the network, from one computer to another until we get a privileged account to do our task, it is a very time-consuming process. And it is still not easy as there are internal firewalls, IPS and IDS, etc. to monitor the traffic in the network, so you have to be aware of that also.

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If you do it somehow, the government will be knocking at your door after some time. If you are thinking of using “VPNs” and all. It can’t protect you from that. You can use proxies and TOR but it will, slow the shit out of your internet, forget about getting away, you can’t hack with that internet, trust me. So, the least you can do is make a team of hackers, with enough resources and hack the marks of your test. And Bingo! You hacked and changed your marks.

So, that was it guys, for today’s question of hacking the CBSE website to change marks. I have tried my best to explain it to you vaguely of course. This is Professor Void, signing off. I will meet you in the next question/answer session, Bye.

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