My Views – How to Start #1


Hey Guys, I am Doroles haze. This is my blog named Invent your shit. Now, what does this mean?

Every other guy out there is doing something great, something out of the box. Everyone has one natural ability to do something better than others but sometimes an individual get lost in this world, which is full of other people’s opinion. He doesn’t know where to start when to start and what his passion is.
That’s why, I created this platform, where I can teach you interesting things and try to explore the passion inside you. This blog is purely for creators and whosoever wants to contribute to this revolution, he can. I just list 10 things that I can serve you. 
10 genres which include, DIY Projects, Tech News and Updates, Hacking, Gaming, Programming and Coding, How to, Research, Case Study, Success stories, and yes, my views which I am writing now. The genres are only 10 but I want to make it big for all of us, make it 100, 100 things a person can learn by visiting this site.
Let’s make this world a better place through Innovation and Creativity. Learn new things every day and achieve something big in life.

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