As per my recent post on PUBG PC Lite, I came to know about its mobile version which is PUBG Mobile Lite.
The game is a smaller version of original PUBG Mobile but has some pros and Cons in my opinion.
·    1. It is small in size and is well optimized.
·  2.  Gives the feel of the original PUBG Mobile   
·   3.Better in graphics as compared to Garena Freefire etc.
·   4.  Supported in Low Hardware also
     1. It only has a classic option. Moreover only has a option of Erangel Map.
      2. The Maximum players are 60.
     3. The Map is too small as compared to the original Erangel Map.
·     4. In lower league, the players are usually bots.
·       The match is of 10 minutes only.
In my opinion, It is a good alternative to original PUBG Mobile which is not supported on many of the low end devices  nowadays, but this one, works like a butter.
I, myself use a 2 GB RAM device with a Mediatek Processor and it runs quite smooth, No Framedrops, No lagging within the game (not talking about the high ping). One thing I noticed in it that, it takes more time and damage to knock a player as compared to PUBG Mobile.
Overall, the game is a good alternative and choice for the gamers who can’t support PUBG Mobile in their devices one thing more, I think this version was launched because of the increasing no. of PUBG PC Lite users. Those players who can’t play PUBG Mobile properly neither PUBG PC are jumping to PUBG PC Lite. Maybe this can be a move to retain all those mobile gamer base. This was my opinion if you have any, Let me know, till  then have a good day.

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