The Future of Art with Technology

Art and Technology. If talking about the aesthetics they are different, most people will say. But if we genuinely think about the core of all of this, it is the same. Where one sees technology as the advancement of engineering, which is not true at all. It is the lack of our understanding of what technology really is. For most people out there, mostly the after internet generation, they have seen technology like computers and the internet. And if talking about specifically about post-2005 – 2010 or after that generation, they kind of thought technology is what we now called “Smart Phones”.

His era of mobile technology has lost the true meaning of “Technology”. So, what does technology really mean? Technology is something that makes life easier with or without the use of engineering. That’s my definition. Some can argue on that, but here I must emphasize the fact that the technology is not limited to mobile phones or the internet. With the increase of Youtube review channels, where they tell you just about the specifications and how good a camera of a phone is really? That’s it?

With these Youtube videos, everybody is a tech geek nowadays, But is it still technology? Is it still making that leap to make life easier or it’s just another bluff of evolution and advancement, where we as a consumer are having great “IMPROVED” products and the companies are creating great “IMPROVED” products?

In the past decade, I don’t think there’s any revolutionary innovation that has been done in the tech industry. There’s a bunch of similar companies with different titles and so-called different purposes and there is a lot to come more. For ex-Facebook, Facebook started as a social networking website. Okay Fine, We get that, Guys wants to know about chicks so that they can get laid, so do chicks. We get it. But then came Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc, etc, etc. Same shit, with a different name and a different purpose.

The Rise of Internet companies is fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Yes, I know the Internet is one big thing and it is still way behind till its full expansion. I know AI, ML and a variety of mesmerizing computer applications will be the future, but I want to just go back to 1976 when apple II was released by Apple computers. In my opinion, that product revolutionizes the industry. Let me tell you why?

Before Apple, the computers were big mainframes that were subjected to use only for Government, Scientific agencies, and big corporations. Until Apple came with the personal computer, with a dream of the computer being portable, reliable for common people. It was a breakthrough in tech as nobody was thinking about it back then, then came the Macintosh with beautiful fonts, design, GUI, and of course the very first-time world was introduced to a thing called “Mouse”


On the back of that Laptops, Tablets and Smartphone industry has been grown up. When taking that into account, I am saying that Why Nobody is talking about the next big thing? Why are there only internet companies out there? Why is in 2020, Apple is also moving towards service business rather than consumer electronics?

digital art girl

Now Talking about Art and Tech. Art was always associated with technology. In 17th century Greek, when the word “ tekhnologia” was coined, which means “art/craft” + logy, of course now. But talking about Art is so beautiful with technology. For this, I will again take an example of Apple. Apple products are one of the best quality, premium products in the market, But the real thing that Apple is known for is design.

If talking about the original iMac, which holds the beauty of translucent design and color. After that iPod, iPhone, iPad, and of course the MacBooks of today. All is the beauty of engineering and design placed in a product. Well, that’s because Apple has one of the best design teams in the world.

Art is an integral part of the design, and so engineering. How a product looks, shows the integrity and beauty of one’s vision. It is not about the sleek beauty, but about the reflection of one’s emotion towards the product and the future.

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