Why should you learn Ethical Hacking ?

With the revolution of Digital revolution around the world. Internet has changed its pace, from online stores to social networking, It has changed massively and dramatically but with power their also come some weakness and flaws. Everyday we hear some data breach is happening. The Data is not secure, We are not secure on Internet and that’s when a Ethical hacker comes to solve the world’s biggest problem – Data theft. So, today we will learn what a Ethical hacker is and how to become one.
Q. – What is an Ethical hacker ?

-: Ethical hacking is an act of locating weakness and vulnerabilities of computer and information systems and found loop holes to the protect the system, software or network form malicious or unethical hacker.
  Types of Penetration Testing.

1. Web Application Penetration testing

    Web Application penetration testing is the process of using penetration testing techniques to find vulnerabilities in web application and prevent further breach.
2. System security Audits

In System Security Audit, We checks the system for any possibility and vulnerability.

3. Network Security Audits

 Network Security Audit is penetration testing techniques to find vulnerability in Networks. In which packets, are analyzed by Wireshark etc., with detail Specification.
4. Android Application Penetration Testing

In this, the penetration testor tests the Android Application for any bug which can be patch for safety.

5. IOT Penetration Testing

  As Today, the whole world is connected to IOT’s. IOT is the big and new name in Penetration Testing, in which the hacker tries to break in and exploit IOT devices.

Q.- Is Programming language mandatory to 

       learn in Ethical hacking ?

Well. They play a massive role. Without programming language, a hacker can find a bug but not for a very long time. Once, the saturation point will come where he got stuck. Then if he had a proper base of programming language, he can easily cope with it. Afterall its only the code.

1. PHP – PHP is essential for those who are pursuing Web Application penetration testing as most of the major vulnerabilities are found in PHP like File Upload Vulnerability. SQL injection, CSRF Tokens. So, PHP is a must.

2. Javascript – Javascript is massively used in post exploitation. XSS injection and is a big part of Web Application Penetration Testing.

3. Perl, Python and Ruby – If you are in, exploiting systems and softwares then these three language will help you out. You can make malicious rootkits out of them. So they are very essential.

 Scope of Ethical Hacking

With Internet growing at a massive pace, the demand of Ethical hackers has grown. According to a Survey, India needs around 3,00,000 hackers in marketplace per year which is around 1,00,000 only.
IT companies and firms are main recruiters of ethical hacker, they can provide service for startups, Hotels, airlines etc.

Now, talking about the government sector. Many defense organization hire ethical hackers for national security and many Detective agencies like CIA, FBI, RAW, NSA etc.

A Certified Ethical hacker has very demand in today’s marketplace and the saturation is nowhere to be seen now. Anyone can build a perfect career around it. You can expect a salary of 2.5 lakh/annum as a fresher which can increase to 5 lakh/annum with a year experience. Within 5 years, you will be worth 10-15 lakh/annum. You can also do this as a freelancer.
 Certifications in India

1. Certified Ethical hacker offered by EC- Council.

2. Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator certification offered by of EC- Council.

3. GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA)

This field is demanding and challenging also. Everyday, a software is being launched in the market and with every product, defects counts up, that’s where a Ethical hacker takes charge. With new bugs, its kind of field where knowledge is uncertain but with hardwork and great problem solving skills, one can easily this and you can become one too.

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