What is Invent Your Shit ?

Invent Your Shit is a place specially designed for creators, artists, innovators, and inventors. A place where knowledge is open source and learning is the goal. With the help of many enthusiastic authors and teachers. We as a community welcomes you. Here you can find tutorials and classes on Practical Cybersecurity, Programming and many more.

Hi, Everyone. My name is Dolores Haze. I am a Computer Science Student, Security Researcher, Pen-tester, Robotics Enthusiast, and a hobbyist developer. I specially deals in Robotics and Cyber-security.

My Vision: With Invent Your Shit, My Vision is to develop a community with lots of developers and teach people about various technologies and guide them in every possible way. So, be with us and develop it as a community.

Dolores Haze

Creator of INvent your shit