Tryhackme - Vulnerabilities 101

Tryhackme – Vulnerabilities 101

In this walk through, we will be going through the Vulnerabilities 101 room from Tryhackme. In this room, we will understand the flaws of an application and apply our researching skills on some vulnerability databases. So, let’s get started without any delay.

Vulnerabilities 101

Task 1 – Introduction

Task 1 - Introduction

Task 2 – Introduction to Vulnerabilities

Question 1 – An attacker has been able to upgrade the permissions of their system account from “user” to “administrator”. What type of vulnerability is this?

Operating System

Question 2 – You manage to bypass a login panel using cookies to authenticate. What type of vulnerability is this?

Application Logic

Task 2 - Introduction to Vulnerabilities

Task 3 – Scoring Vulnerabilities (CVSS & VPR)

Question 1 – What year was the first iteration of CVSS published?


Question 2 – If you wanted to assess vulnerability based on the risk it poses to an organisation, what framework would you use?


Question 3 – If you wanted to use a framework that was free and open-source, what framework would that be?


Task 3 - Scoring Vulnerabilities (CVSS & VPR)

Task 4 – Vulnerability Databases

Question 1 – Using NVD, how many CVEs were submitted in July 2021?


Question 2 – Who is the author of Exploit-DB?

Offensive Security

Task 4 - Vulnerability Databases

Task 5 – An Example of Finding a Vulnerability

Question 1 – What type of vulnerability did we use to find the name and version of the application in this example?

Version Disclosure

Task 5 - An Example of Finding a Vulnerability

Task 6 – Showcase: Exploiting Ackme’s Application

It is your first week on the job as Jr. Penetration tester at ThePentestingCo. For your first engagement, you are shadowing a Sr. Penetration Tester within the company.

Deploy the site attached to this task and follow the steps that the Sr. Penetration Tester took to exploit a vulnerability against ACKme IT Service’s infrastructure.

Vulnerabilities Showcase

Information Gathering

Enumeration & Scanning

Application Testing

Vulnerability Research


Question 1 – Follow along with the showcase of exploiting ACKme’s application to the end to retrieve a flag. What is this flag?


Task 6 - Showcase: Exploiting Ackme's Application

Task 7 – Conclusion

Task 7 - Conclusion

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So that was “Vulnerabilities 101” for you. We have covered the the resources that are essential when researching vulnerabilities. We started off with the introduction to vulnerabilities, then we looked into how they are rated. Moving on, we learned about the databases for vulnerability research. At last, we completed the room by showcasing how vulnerability research is used on ACKme’s engagement. On that note, i will take your leave and will see you in next one, Till then “Hack the Planet”.

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