Tryhackme - Cryptography for Dummies

Tryhackme – Cryptography for Dummies

In this walk through, we will be going through the Cryptography for Dummies room from Tryhackme. This room will teaches you the basics of Cryptography, the types of it and how we can use common hashing algorithm and much more. So let’s get started.

Cryptography for Dummies

Task 1 – Intro

Task 1 - Intro

Task 2 – Types of cryptography

Question 1 – What type of cryptography is more secure?


Question 2 – What type of cryptography is faster?


Question 3 – What type of cryptography will a Bank site use?


Question 4 – What will you use to encrypt your messages in asymmetric cryptography?

Public Key

Question 5 – What will you use to decrypt messages in asymmetric cryptography?

Private Key

Question 6 – Does symmetric cryptography use two different keys for encryption/decryption? (aye/nay)


Task 2 - Types of cryptography

Task 3 – What is a hash?

Question 1 – I understand what are hashes!


Question 2 – What’s the MD5 hash of “hashes are cool”?


MD5 hash

Question 3 – What does MD5 stand for?

Message Digest 5

Question 4 – Who created MD5?

Ronald Rivest

MD5 creator

Task 3 - What is a hash?

Task 4 – Decoding/encoding

Question 1 – Encode the string “cryptographyisuseful” with Base64


encode base64

Question 2 – Decode the string “dGhlIHNlY3JldCB3b3JkIGlzIDogd2F0ZXJtZWxvbg==”. What’s the secret word?


decode base 64

Task 4 - Decoding/encoding

Task 5 – Thanks for reading!

Task 5 - Thanks for reading!

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So that was “Cryptography for Dummies” for you. In this short room, we covers the basics of cryptography, types of encryption, hashing, encoding and decoding of data. Well, cryptography is a huge topic and become complex as we progress however this room is a good starting point for anyone who is new in the world of security. On that note, allow me to take a leave and remember to “Hack the Planet” for the meanwhile.

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