Tryhackme - DNS in detail

Tryhackme – DNS in detail

In this walk through, we will be going through the DNS in detail room from Tryhackme. This room will teaches you how DNS works and it help us to access services on the wild internet. So on that note, let’s get started.

DNS in detail

Task 1 – What is DNS?

Question 1 – What does DNS stand for?

Domain Name System

Task 1 - What is DNS?

Task 2 – Domain Hierarchy

Question 1 – What is the maximum length of a subdomain?


Question 2 – Which of the following characters cannot be used in a subdomain ( 3 b _ – )?


Question 3 – What is the maximum length of a domain name?


Question 4 – What type of TLD is


Task 2 - Domain Hierarchy

Task 3 – Record Types

Question 1 – What type of record would be used to advise where to send email?


Question 2 – What type of record handles IPv6 addresses?


Task 3 - Record Types

Task 4 – Making A Request

Question 1 – What field specifies how long a DNS record should be cached for?


Question 2 – What type of DNS Server is usually provided by your ISP?


Question 3 – What type of server holds all the records for a domain?


Task 4 - Making A Request

Task 5 – Practical

nslookup website.thm

Question 1 – What is the CNAME of

nslookup --type=CNAME

Question 2 – What is the value of the TXT record of website.thm?

nslookup --type=TXT


Question 3 – What is the numerical priority value for the MX record?

nslookup --type=MX


Question 4 – What is the IP address for the A record of

nslookup --type=A
Task 5 - Practical

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So that was “DNS in detail” room for you. In this room, we covers what DNS is, its hierarchies, record types and how to make a request for the same. Finally, we tested the theory we learned by solving a bunch of exercises. On that note, i will take your leave, till then “Keep learning”.

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