Junior Security Analyst Intro

Tryhackme – Junior Security Analyst Intro

In this walkthrough, we will be covering Junior Security Analyst Intro room from Tryhackme. It is one of the introductory room in Tryhackme SOC Level 1 pathway. This room will teach you regarding the basics of SOC operations and will shed some light on the career in Junior Security Analyst or Triage Specialist role. So, let’s get started.

Real SOC analyst

Task 1 – A career as a Junior (Associate) Security Analyst

Security Analyst

Question 1 – What will be your role as a Junior Security Analyst?

Triage Specialist
A career as a Junior (Associate) Security Analyst

Task 2 – Security Operations Center (SOC)


Question 1 – Read the text in the room for the concerned task.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Task 3 – A day In the life of a Junior (Associate) Security Analyst

Junior Security Anlayst

Question 1 – Click on the green View Site button in this task to open the Static Site Lab and navigate to the security monitoring tool on the right panel to try to identify the suspicious activity.


Question 2 – What was the malicious IP address in the alerts?

Malicious IP

Question 3 – To whom did you escalate the event associated with the malicious IP address?

IP Scanner to detect malicious IP

IP scanner result

Staff member Reporting

Will Griffin

Question 4 – After blocking the malicious IP address on the firewall, what message did the malicious actor leave for you?

Firewall Block list

The flag


A day In the life of a Junior (Associate) Security Analyst

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This concludes our walkthrough for this particular room. After completing this room, we can finish on the part that we now know what a Junior level SOC Analyst or Triage Specialist do, what tools are used for the job, How one can prepare for it, following with the Prevention and Response, in cases of incidents. Further, we go through a Day in the life of a Junior Analyst and get the Flag for our last set of questions. On that note, let’s wrap it up and remember to “Hack the Planet”.

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