Tryhackme - Intro to LAN

Tryhackme – Intro to LAN

In this walkthrough, we will be covering Intro to LAN room from Tryhackme. It is an introductory room covering the basics of Local Area Network. So, let’s get started.

Today we will cover the following topics in this room:

  • Introduction LAN Topologies
  • A Primer on Subnetting
  • The ARP Protocol
  • The DHCP Protocol

Intro to LAN

Task 1 – Introducing LAN Topologies

Ring Topology

Ring Topology broked

Bus Topology

Bus Topology flowing

Bus Topology broke

Star Topology

Star Topology working

Star Topology Broke

LAN Topologies flag

Question 1 – What does LAN stand for?

Local Area Network

Question 2 – What is the verb given to the job that Routers perform?


Question 3 – What device is used to centrally connect multiple devices on the local network and transmit data to the correct location?


Question 4 – What topology is cost-efficient to set up?

Bus Topology

Question 5 – What topology is expensive to set up and maintain?

Star Topology

Question 6 – Complete the interactive lab attached to this task. What is the flag given at the end?


Introduction to LAN Techlogies

Task 2 – A Primer on Subnetting

Question 1 – What is the technical term for dividing a network up into smaller pieces?


Question 2 – How many bits are in a subnet mask?


Question 3 – What is the range of a section (octet) of a subnet mask?


Question 4 – What address is used to identify the start of a network?

Network Address

Question 5 – What address is used to identify devices within a network?

Host Address

Question 6 – What is the name used to identify the device responsible for sending data to another network?

Default Gateway

A Primer on Subnetting

Task 3 – The ARP Protocol

Question 1 – What does ARP stand for?

Address Resolution Protocol

Question 2 – What category of ARP Packet asks a device whether or not it has a specific IP address?


Question 3 – What address is used as a physical identifier for a device on a network?

MAC Address

Question 4 – What address is used as a logical identifier for a device on a network?

IP Address

The ARP Protocol

Task 4 – The DHCP Protocol

Question 1 – What type of DHCP packet is used by a device to retrieve an IP address?

DHCP Discover

Question 2 – What type of DHCP packet does a device send once it has been offered an IP address by the DHCP server?

DHCP Request

Question 3 – Finally, what is the last DHCP packet that is sent to a device from a DHCP server?


The DHCP Protocol

Task 5 – Continue Your Learning: OSI Model

Continue Your Learning: OSI Model

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So that was it. In this room, we learnt about different LAN topologies followed by a bit of Subnetting. Then, we goes behind the ARP Protocal and finished with the DHCP protocol. Post completing this room, we are ready with our local network basics that will help us in future engagements. On that note, i am out, till then “Hack the Planet”.

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