bWAPP - Clear Text HTTP (Credentials)

bWAPP – Clear Text HTTP (Credentials)

In this walk through, we will be going through the Clear Text HTTP (Credentials) vulnerability section from bWAPP Labs. We will be exploring the downside of HTTP protocol and learn how application are affected because of it. So, let’s get started with the Hacking without any delay.

Clear Text HTTP (Credentials)

Table of Contents

Security: Low

  • Setting the security level to Low.

Security level Low

  • The application has an authentication mechanism set up to test for the propagating of credentials in clear text in this challenge. The credentials are bee and bug.

Clear Text HTTP (Credentials)

  • I analyze the traffic with wireshark on my loopback address and looked for the HTTP data stream. Right clicked on that and followed the stream to find the credentials flowing through the network in plain text.

Wireshark Capture

Credentials Leaked

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So, we finally completed all the security levels for the Clear Text HTTP (Credentials) Vulnerability. We looked into the various ways how application has been set up in various levels and how we can bypass the security controls implemented. Next, we can mitigate the credential leakage with the use of HTTP by completely avoiding it and upgrading to HTTPS or SSL/TLS versions. On that note, i will take your leave and will meet you in next one with another bWAPP vulnerability writeup, till then “Keep Hacking”.

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