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What is Hacking?| PentestNow | Episode #1 |

Hello and Welcome back to your favorite place to chill out, my aspiring hackers. Today we are going to get into the basics and will start from scratch. So, Let’s get started.


What is Hacking?


According to Wikipedia, Hacking is an activity in which one tries to compromise digital security and networks. Well, in popular culture, this is somewhat true also but that’s not a definition for me.

Hacking is an art to get around the system in order to out-smart a system. Yes, I think, It’s an art. To know how the system works in order to break and reassemble it and make it do something else which was not meant to do by a specific system. 

What is a Hacker?


Hacker is someone who tries to break into security and tries to find new vulnerabilities in the system. More like the internet definition, I would like to add some as Hackers are smart-ass people who drive through curiosity in order to get through that system. Sometimes they even go ahead in thinking of ways that a developer can’t even think about.

Where was Hacking originated?

The origination of Hacking is way too old if we try to unbury the past. Early humans hack into a new technique and get to know about the fire which leads to today’s mankind. Hackers are everywhere, from inventors of airplanes to the Theory of Relativity. 

Talking specifically about Computer Hacking. Then some say that. In 1960, Some students at MIT tries to use computers in ways it wasn’t supposed to do. That’s where the term “Hacker” and “Hacking” originated.

Classification of Hackers

classification of hackers

  • White-Hat Hacker: White-Hat Hacker are security professional who legally tries to break into the security of an individual or company in order to test the security so that one can protect itself from cyberattacks later by fixing their vulnerabilities. White-Hat hackers are often considered as Ethical Hackers or Penetration Tester. Here White is used in Good reference, People who are in good and legal side.

  • Black-Hat Hacker: Black-Hat Hacker is malicious or bad actors in the security industry who are generally very skilled but use their knowledge for exploiting and monetary gains. They are the hackers who are mostly portrayed in the media and are considered as Cyber Criminals. Here Black denotes the Bad or illegal side.

  • Grey-Hat Hacker: Grey-Hat hackers are people who try to hack into the system and break the security but they don’t pursue any malicious intent. Though it is still illegal but they don’t do it for monetary gains or similar interest rather to satisfy their curiosity. Here Grey is somewhat in between White-hat and Black-Hat and denotes a Neutral Intersection.

  • Hacktivist: Hacktivists are the hackers who use their skills and knowledge to bring a change in the social and political scenarios. A great example of this type of Hackers are The Anonymous.

  • State-Sponsored Hackers: State-Sponsored Hackers are Hackers who are hired by Government and Authorities to hack into other countries, and protect one’s country with the same attacks. Cyber Espanioge is a big thing nowadays with counties with special Cyber divisions in their military. Counties like China, Korea, Russia, Israel, the USA, etc. are some counties that proactively attack other countries.

  • Script-Kiddie: In coding or hacker culture, a script kiddie is an unskilled individual who lacks skills and use other programs developed by other hackers. They lack knowledge behind any attack. It is generally assumed that script kiddies are juveniles who lack to write code and perform sophisticated attacks.

  • Suicide-Hackers: Suicide Hacker is someone who doesn’t hesitate to do malicious act as they do not fear consequences. They are generally Cyber terrorist and works for Terrorist Organisation and creates chaos to promote terrorism.


Well, that was the Classification of Hackers. Hacker culture is great, Hackers are great individuals who are drives with curiosity. Curiosity of knowing something like a kid. They want to see the behind the scenes. They want to create cool shit and innovate for the better. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, all were great hackers. Inventors and Innovators have also been there changing things and creating exceptions.

Talking about Hacker classification, I don’t believe in this. there is no such thing as a White hat or a Black hat. It depends on the person, these are not hardcoded nomenclature. Here hats are the intent and situation, the line of your ethics not the law. If you are new to hacking or want some hacking articles, CLICK HERE. So, that’s all for the day. This is Dolores Haze, Signing off, I will meet you in the next one. bye.

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