Tryhackme - History of Malware

Tryhackme – History of Malware

In this walkthrough, we will be going through History of Malware room by Tryhackme. This room covers the malwares that were developed back in the time and how they have been transformed in the modern world now. It covers the first worm, virus and Trojans and how they were developed. So, let’s get started.


Task 1 – Introduction


Task 2 – The Creeper Program

Question 1 – Read the above.


Question 2 – Who re-designed the Creeper Virus?

Ray Tomlinson

Question 3 – How is data transferred through a network?

Packet Switching

Question 4 – Who created the first concept of a virus?

John von Neumann

Question 5 – What text did the Creeper program print to the screen?

I'm the creeper, catch me if you can!

Question 6 – What does ARPANET stand for?

Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

Question 7 – Which team created the network control program?

Network Working Group

Question 8 – What is the first virus commonly known as?


The Creaper Program

Task 3 – Reaper

Question 1 – Read the above.


Question 2 – Who created Reaper?

Ray Tomlinson

Question 3 – What type of malware may Reaper be known as?


Question 4 – What was the first ever anti-virus program known as?


Question 5 – What was Bob Thomas’ main project to develop?

a resource-sharing capability

Question 6 – Research: What does API stand for?

Application Programming Interface


Task 4 – Wabbit

Question 1 – Read the information.


Question 2 – What is a modern day fork bomb also known as?

denial of service attack

Question 3 – Was Rabbit one of the first malicious programs? (Y/N)


Question 4 – What did the name “Wabbit” derive from?

looney tunes cartoons


Task 5 – ANIMAL

Question 1 – Read the above.


Question 2 – When was PERVADE added to ANIMAL?


Question 3 – Did John think this was a good idea? (Y/N)


Question 4 – What computers did the program spread across?


Question 5 – What type of malware is ANIMAL also known as?

A Trojan

Question 6 – Who built the wooden horse?

The Greeks


Task 6 – Elk Cloner

Question 1 – Read the above.


Question 2 – Which US Military regiment caught the virus?

US Navy

Question 3 – How many lines long is the Elk Cloner poem?


Question 4 – When was Elk Cloner written?


Question 5 – Is a boot sector virus more or less common in modern technology?


Question 6 – How long did it take Richard to write the program?

2 weeks

Question 7 – Which Operating System was affected?

Apple II

Elk Cloner

Task 7 – The Morris Internet Worm

Question 1 – Read the above.


Question 2 – What commands were a very big way that allowed Morris to access the computers?

Berkeley r-commands

Question 3 – Who was one the first person prosecuted for the computer misuse act?

Robert Tappan Morris

Question 4 – What type of attack is a “Fork Bomb”?

Denial of Service

Question 5 – When was this worm released?


Question 6 – How many computers did it infect within 15 hours?


Question 7 – What does rsh mean?

Remote Shell

Question 8 – Under which act was Morris arrested for?

1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse act

The Morris Internet Worm

Task 8 – Cascade

Question 1 – Read the above.


Question 2 – What was the name of this virus?


Question 3 – What file extensions would this virus infect?


Question 4 – How many variants of there virus were possibly found?


Question 5 – What operating system would the virus run on?


Question 6 – Which Operating System/Frame Work would Cascade try to avoid?


Question 7 – How many bytes would be added onto your file if it got infected?



Task 9 – Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

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That concludes our room based on History of Malware. We looked into the different types of malware and how they evolve. Ranging from harmless worms to stealthy Trojans, we have covered it all. On that note, i will take off from here and will meet you in the next write-up, till then “Hack the Planet”.

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