Tryhackme - Learning Cyber Security

Tryhackme – Learning Cyber Security

In this walk through, we will be going through the Learning Cyber Security room from Tryhackme. This room will covers the basics of cyber security and give you a short introduction to a few of the security topics. On that note, let’s get started.

Learning Cyber Security

Task 1 – Web Application Security

Question 1 – Click the green “View Site” button above and learn how to hack BookFace, TryHackMe’s vulnerable social media site.


Bookface - Vulnerable Social Media

Question 2 – What is the username of the BookFace account you will be taking over?

Ben Spring Bookface profile


Question 3 – Hack the BookFace account to reveal this task’s answer!

Hacking bookface with password reset

Hacking Bookface

Forgot password

Bruteforce code

Reset password

The flag

Task 1 - Web Application Security

Task 2 – Network Security

Question 1 – Click the green “View Site” button above and see how Target was hacked on the right hand side.


Question 2 – How much did the data breach cost Target?

Data breach

All on the same network

Segmentation flaw

Tryhackme learning
$300 million

Task 2 - Network Security

Task 3 – Learning Roadmap

Task 3 - Learning Roadmap

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So that was “Learning Cyber Security” room for you. We have covered some basic tasks related to Web Application security. Then, we jumped into the some Network Security stuff and finally completed the room with some information on Tryhackme’s Learning roadmap. On that note, i will let you explore the roadmaps as per your interest and need. I will meet you in next one, till then, “Keep Learning”.

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