Tryhackme - RustScan

Tryhackme – RustScan

In this walk through, we will be going through the RustScan room from Tryhackme. In this room, we will cover the basics of RustScan and its complete usage. So, let’s get started without any delay.


Task 1 – About RustScan.

Task 1 - About RustScan.

Task 2 – Installing RustScan

Question 1 – Go to RustScan Repo.

rustscan repo

Question 2 – Download the .deb file for Kali Linux.

Question 3 – In terminal type:-  dpkg -i file name <put angular bracekets>

Question 4 – Try running rustscan in terminal.

  • I was unable to get the deb file in Rustscan’s github releases. So installed it via snap on my system.

rustscan install

Task 2 - Installing RustScan

Task 3 – Accessible

Question 1 – Click “completed” if you agree A11Y in infosec is important

Task 3 - Accessible

Task 4 – Fast

Task 4 - Fast

Task 5 – Extensible

Question 1 – What is the scripting file config called?

Question 2 – Can you run other binaries with RustScan? (T)rue / (F)alse.

Question 3 – Does RutScan support scripts in Javascript? (T)rue / (F)alse.

Task 5 - Extensible

Task 6 – Adaptive

Question 1 – I understand this.

Task 6 - Adaptive

Task 7 – Scanning Time!

Question 1 – Try running the scan for all ports.

rustscan -a --range 1-65535

rustscan all ports scan

Question 2 – After scanning this, how many ports do we find open under 1000?

Question 3 – Perform a service version detection scan, what is the version of the software running on port 22?

rustscan -a -p 22 -- -sV

rustscan port 22 version detection

Question 4 – Perform an aggressive scan, what flag isn’t set under the results for port 80?

rustscan -a -p 80 -- -A

rustscan port 80

http flag

Question 5 – Using this tool in scanning can save a lot of time! Make sure to use it in your pentest.

Task 7 - Scanning Time!

Task 8 – RustScan Quiz

Question 1 – First, how do you access the help menu?

Question 2 – Often referred to as “quiet” mode, What switch can do this?

Question 3 – Which switch can help us to scan for a particular Range?

Question 4 – What switch would you use to find out RustScan’s version?

Question 5 – Which switch will help us to select batch size?

Question 6 – Which switch can set timeout?

Task 8 - RustScan Quiz

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So that was “RustScan” for you. We first looked into the installation of RustScan on our machine. Further, we took a dive into the basics of the scanner and then performed a hands-on to understand its complete usage. On that note, i would take your leave and will meet you in next one. Till then, “Happy hacking”.

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